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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shop status update-

Well after a 7 AM dental check-up and cleaning- 7 o'clock? Yes, at 7 AM this morning I was sitting in the dental chair waiting to be scraped and scoped and polished. And I got a decent bill of health in spite of my efforts.

But as soon as I got home, I was working on the shop roof and waiting for the contractor to show up. Rex is the same guy that did our floors and kitchen work earlier this year and he came over today, with his helper to help me get the job wrapped up correctly.

We switched the OSB decking on the long side so that it was aligned correctly and got it much better squared up than before. We also reused some of the old 2X6 rafters for fascia on the ends of the rafters.

Tomorrow, we are putting up the drip guards and flashings on the edges and getting the shingling started. Rex is going to get me going and help with the flashing around the skylights then leave me to finish that job by myself.

So, its getting very close. There will be finish work to accomplish inside later- insulating the ends and roof and putting up some OSB on the ends. I still need to rebuild the 2 closets that sit outside the shop and put a roof over those and the doorway. The trim boards need to be reinstalled and finally it will need to be re-stained top to bottom.

I never thought it was going to be this tough!

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